The Second Floor Wine Tasting Group

March 23, 2003

For our second meeting, we gathered at Greg's place. Three new people joined us and we sunk our palletes into a sampling of red Spanish wines.

The Wines

  1. 1998 Rioja Reserva by Muga - $19
  2. 1998 Rioja Crianzan by Lan - $10
  3. 1999 Ribera del Duero Crianza by Tinto Pesquera - $22
  4. 1995 Rioja Gran Reserva "Prado Enea" by Muga - $45
  5. 2000 Navarra by Artazuri - $7
  6. 2001 Rioja "La Vendimia" by Remondo - $12

Four Riojas, one Ribera del Duero and one Navarra. All were red wines.

Some Definitions

The People

Jason, Helen, Greg, Jeff, Dimka, Olga, Peter, Kai, French, Lisa and Ketsuda

The Impressions

The Pesquera and Gran Reserva topped the lists as the two favorite wines of the group. Jason thought the Pesquera to be the first "real wine" of the night. Lisa savored the sweetness and proclaimed it her "favorite so far." Ketsuda knew the perfect dish to match it with: fetuccini with white clam sauce. Peter thought it made a "big statement" and was "very satisfying."

The Gran Reserva was also hailed as an excellent wine. Jeff thought it was "terrific"---nicely balanced with a bouquet of interesting flavors. Helen felt it was the "best so far" and especially liked the silky texture. Olga could tell that it was an expensive wine, but wouldn't buy it. Dimka like the sweet and sour aspect. Kai thought it was like the Lan, but with the acids and flavors turned up a notch.

The Artazuri was the surprise value. Helen uncovered pumpernickel bread and thought it "subdued." Jason found grape Kool-Aid and liked the "crisp" taste. Olga would buy this one: "sweet, light, I love it!" Ketsuda loved it so much that she'd pay up to $30 for a bottle (Greg said that he'd sell it to her for $20). Jeff and Dimka weren't as convinced. Jeff found it "hard to place," chemical and reminded him of bactine. Dimka felt it was rough and not refined.

La Vendimia stirred emotions. Kai "liked it the best" and loved the caramel flavors. Greg was overpowered by the dark cherry, leather and tobacco smells. Peter found it intense and heady, but with lead pencil flavor and a bitter finish. French put it at the bottom of his list and said it wasn't complex.

The Lan and '98 Muga didn't get many compliments. Olga thought the Muga didn't have much taste. Peter got a nice vegetable spiciness, but overall found the wine to be one-dimensional. Lisa didn't like it---too light. Jeff changed the pace---he really liked it and enjoyed the pepper and wood flavors

The comments were varied on the Lan. Jeff found wet wood in the aroma and wasn't crazy about it. Jason thought it drinkable, but bland. French got a woody smell and found it "thinish." Peter found a flowery nose with "dark rose" and a rough, heavy body. Olga enjoyed the wine, noting flavors of wood, giraniums and roses.

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