Jason Rennie's Spam Conference Presentation

I presented work on automatically learning features for spam filtering at the 2003 Spam Conference.

Here are my slides:

Here's a short write-up on the topic:

Here's the Bibtex citation you'd use for the above writeup:

,author = "Jason D. M. Rennie and Tommi Jaakkola"
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The Associated Press took what I think is a cool picture of me.


Paul has managed to schedule the Spam Conference for some of the coldest-ever days in Boston:
Mid-January Avg.3622
January 17, 20033010-4 (1907)
January 16, 200414-7-7 (2004)
January 21, 20051420 (1888)
January 20, 2006573560 (1951)
March 3, 200631204 (1950)

Paul decided to move the conference to March this year. So, what happens? Well, we get unseasonably warm weather on the day (Friday, January 20, 2006) for which the conference would have been scheduled! We were four degrees from setting a new high temperature record for that date. Maybe we'll see a blizzard come March 3rd (the newly scheduled date).

Welp, no blizzard, but Paul just can't win! The rescheduled date (3/3) ends up averaging 20 degrees colder than the date that would have followed tradition (1/20)...

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