WARNING: ifile is no longer being actively developed.

What is ifile?

Long, long ago, in a lab far, far away, I used the following to described ifile:

ifile is a general mail filtering system that works with a mail client to intelligently filter mail according to the way the user tends to organize mail. ifile uses the modern machine learning algorithm naive Bayes to classify mail documents.

ifile is different from other mail filtering programs in three major ways:

  1. ifile does not require you to generate a set of rules in order to successfully filter mail
  2. ifile uses the entire content of messages for filtering purposes
  3. ifile learns as you move incorrectly filtered messages to new mailboxes

Now, it can be described simply as one of many "Bayesian mail filters." Though, unlike bogofilter and spamassassin, it can do n-way filtering rather than simply spam vs. non-spam.


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There is no longer an ifile mailing list, but you can see the archives.

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